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Leah’s in Neah: Adventures in Washington

For my summer assignment, I was sent to Coast Guard Station Neah Bay in the most Northwestern tip of Washington state. Thanks to the wonderful people at the station we got to see almost every major attraction in the Olympic Peninsula

Camping at Shi Shi Beach:


“Shi Shi Beach in Neah Bay, Washington”

My classmate and I were able to spend two nights out on Shi Shi Beach and had fabulous weather for the usually rainy Washington. It’s about a two mile hike from the trail head down and from there another mile to the Point of Arches. It can easily be done in a day if you’re lacking on time, but at night, there are glowing sea creatures in the tide pools.

Hoh Rainforest:


“Hoh Rainforest near Forks, Washington”

The Hoh Rainforest looks like you just entered the Amazon. It’s full of shrubbery and wild looking trees. We even had an Elk ten feet from us. The two hikes we did added up to about 5 miles, but there were others that were up to 20, where you could see Mount Olympus from.

Cape Flattery:


“Cape Flattery in Neah Bay, Washington”

Cape Flattery is the most Northwestern point in the continental United States. The trail is very easy and covered in wooden plank bridges. We did it in less than an hours time, but there are several small side trails off of it that you can take to make it longer. There’s a gorgeous view of a huge underwater cave.

Kayaking on Lake Crescent:


“Lake Crescent near Port Angeles, Washington”

Lake Crescent has the clearest waters I have ever seen. It’s encased on all sides be huge mountains and it’s the perfect place to watch the sunset. The water was freezing when we went, but we still managed to swim for a little bit before we got too cold.

We also visited Forks a couple of times, the infamous small town from Twilight really does  live up to being exactly that. We ate at the Restaurant where Bella and Edward go on a date in the movies. It was neat for the 13-year-old that still lives in inside of me.

That’s all for now. Continue on your merry ways!




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