ARC Review: Piper Perish By Kayla Cagan


Another ARC that I got this week off of NetGalley. The cover of this one really caught my eye. It’s the story of an aspiring artist and all the challenges she faces. It’s a twist on a coming of age story. Everyone is a little dramatic and juvenille, but just trying to find themselves. Teenage apathy is a real killer.

My Rating: B

Goodreads Synopsis: A diary of a Texas high school senior who dreams of living in New York City with her best friend and fellow artist, Kit, an Etsy entrepreneur. Both girls apply to a Manhattan art school. Piper is admitted, but without the necessary financial aid; Kit is not even accepted. What now?


My Thoughts:  This book is written in the form of a journal, which is already not my favorite way to read books. I think it takes away from the story and removes the reader from the moment. This one caught my attention because it’s a little bit different than your typical teenager writing in a diary story. The main character, Piper Perish, has so so so much going on in her life that I was wondering how she didn’t have mental breakdowns every other page. There were some parts that were really slow, but because Piper is an artist, she had pretty good attention to detail. Unlike some stories written in the diary format, I was still able to get a vivid picture of the scenarios Piper was put in.

What I Liked: I thought the concept was very interesting. I liked that Piper’s parents were actually very accurate for YA parents. They worried, they stressed, they failed, they screamed, and cried. I thought that was a fantastic representation that we often don’t see. I did think that the book posed some interesting questions about art. Like what do we consider art? It was interesting to see through the eyes of an artist for a little while, especially an extremely talented one who doesn’t know it.

What I Disliked: I didn’t like any of the characters really. It felt way too TV Sitcom/Keeping up with the Kardashians to me. It seemed like their was drama just to have drama. A lot of it didn’t have much of a point. Also, I felt like no one really grew or developed as a character. Especially Marli, man that girl was just straight up evil. I was trying not to claw my own eyes out every time she spoke.

Would I recommend it? Yes, I enjoyed reading this book. But if you are picky and don’t like  unnecessary drama in books, this one will annoy you fast. If you liked Gena/Finn by Hannah Moskowitz, you’ll like this one.

Is this book on your TBR?



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