Literature Thoughts

The Benefit of Libraries


“I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library.”
Jorge Luis Borges

I was a hardcore library kid. I lived just down the street from mine. Every time they had an event going on, my brothers and sister and I were down there.I got my first library card at 10 (and have proceeded to “borrow” all of my siblings’ because there’s a 20 book cap on each card at my library). I would literally walk down the street carrying as many books as I could. The situation improved ten-fold when I was able to drive.

Libraries are a necessity in the world we live in today. They are much more than a home for books, but foster a well-rounded community and strengthen the people who visit them.

Libraries encourage reading. Go figure right, a place full of books. The benefits of reading are astronomical. It improves your memory and creativity. A place that perpetuates learning and expanding on your mind is a paradise to me.

Libraries aren’t looking for your money. They are literally free. The state pays for them because they believed it to be a right to have books. Anyone who lives in the area can get a library card and have free access to knowledge and words.

You want to travel? Answer: libraries. Obviously it’s not the same thing. But books can literally transport you to another world. If you need an escape, if you need to be free from the confines of normal society, head to the library and read a book.

Libraries attract like-minded people. People with an interest in books are going to libraries. If you’re game for meeting people who share your interest, this is the place to go.

If you don’t have a library card, here is my strong suggestion that you visit your local library in the near future.

“Libraries were full of ideas–perhaps the most dangerous and powerful of all weapons.”

Sarah J. Maas, Throne of Glass

Were you a library kid? How have libraries impacted your life?



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