Upon the start of this year, my father would text me “Lemons :-)” whenever I complained to him about something in my life. This was in reference to “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.”, but his texts were always so comical to me that all it did was crack me up, which in turn made me feel better. Hence the name for my blog.

  • My name is Leah Harter and I’m the ripe old age of 19.
  • I grew up in the epitome of small towns in Upstate New York, living right next to the local library.
  • From a young age, I was consuming books, as many as I could get my hands on, literally since most of the time I carried them home from the library.
  • I am in college now and far from my library but thanks to modern technology and Amazon I continue to read as much as possible wherever I go.
  • I tend to be very sarcastic and brutally honest with a whole lot of dry humor, and this shows in my reviews.
  • I am a 3/c cadet at the United States Coast Guard Academy. Yay Military School!
  • I am active duty military so a lot of the adventures that I am sent on are related to this.
  • I do write quite a bit and I am mainly focused on a project I’ve been working on since I was 13, which henceforth shall be known as “That stupid idea I had one time and now can’t let go of”.
  • Any questions, feel free to contact me at leah.harter.13@gmail.com.